Farming in Norway | The Movie| Best clips | Fendt | Valtra | John Deer

Farming in Norway | The Movie| Best clips | Fendt | Valtra | John Deere

Best clips from 2017 to 2021 set together in one video. Finally a little longer edit. A lot of hours is spent while editing so we hope you all enjoy! Recorded with : Nikon D5300, DJI Ronin S, DJI Mavic 2 Zoom, Gopro Hero 5 and 6While the future role of autonomous power supply systems is likely to expand, the total contribution to agricultural mechanization energy is likely to be of modest proportion. In other words, farms of the future will depend primarily on a purchased energy supply (i.e. diesel fuel or renewable substitute/extender, and electricity) to which autonomous power may make a valuable but small contribution to those farmers who wish to pursue the available options.
Clearly additional investment in research and development is required to render the autonomous power supply options as economic and user-friendly as possible. Also, it should be noted that the purchased electricity supply, although not autonomous, could still be (at least in part) generated from renewable power sources. From a national perspective, renewable alternatives to diesel fuel for mobile equipment (e.g. oilseed fuels) (see also, Energy Sources: Renewable and Non Renewable) may also be considered as autonomous power.

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