Incredible Heavy Machine At Work, Motor Grader GALION850, Excavator CA

Incredible Heavy Machine At Work, Motor Grader GALION850, Excavator CAT322L, Truck Trailer Dumper

Hello My Beloved Subscriber and Visitor! Greeting to see the best videos of heavy equipment & farming equipment technology compilation! the world - Lots of Amazing Modern Agriculture Mega Machines and Equipment - farming tractor at work - heavy machinery - truck, excavator, bulldozer - all videos are awesome equipment technology in the world. For more amazing agriculture and heavy equipment videos compilations please SUBSCRIBE!!, thanks! DECLAIMER: Some videos we are not own, but we respect you concerns and if you want your videos to be removed from our channel please send us an email to the below address: [email protected], or comment bellow videos. After receiving the request, we will remove the video as soon as possible.Position control is a system whereby the position of a fully mounted implement (sprayer or fertilizer distributor, whose weight is completely supported by the tractor) is automatically maintained in a constant position (e.g. operating height over the ground) despite leakages in the hydraulic system tending to lower the position of the implement.
Sophisticated hydraulic systems are now available on all modern tractors capable of performing additional functions including the operation and control of a multiplicity of implements and machines mounted to the rear, front or side of the tractor including loaders, mowers, agrochemical applicators, harvesters and feeders. While many of these are mechanically driven through the power-take-off (PTO) shaft at the rear of the tractor, hydraulic-drive systems provide additional flexibility due to the flexible power hoses that interconnect the driving and driven units.

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